The European Day of Languages (EDL) has been celebrated on 26 September every year since 2001. It is coordinated by the Council of Europe: the European Centre for Modern Languages (Graz) and the Education Policy Division (Strasbourg).

This day acknowledges the diversity of languages across Europe and its aims are manifold:

  • alerting the public to the importance of language learning;
  • increasing awareness and appreciation of all the languages spoken in Europe;
  • encouraging lifelong language learning.

Everyone can get involved in the European Day of Languages, from pupils and teachers to schools and all other institutions and organisations. They can participate in an existing EDL event or decide to organise their activities.

The Foundation Tempus is the national contact point for the European Day of Languages. To become involved, get inspired and for further information, resources and interactive games, please visit the European Day of Languages website or send an email to